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I have loved reading from the time I saw my first book in school.  Exploring new ideas and new perspectives is as exciting as exploring a new country. I may have sometimes felt guilty about the unread books in my house until I read this on The Millions:

“ An unread book exists only in the primordial soup of your imagination, and there it can evolve into any story you like. An unread book – any unread book – could change your life.”      

As a child, I wanted to grow up and learn everything.   I see so much of myself myself in Di Brandt’s  poem “questions i asked my mother”

…I sat in front of the oven all afternoon bathed in warm kitchen smells trying to figure it out someday I said to myself someday I will find out I will find out everything.”

I still love questions that open the doors to unimaginable thoughts and ideas.

 I love the big questions about life and death   and the just interesting ones –   how can ice crystals on a window grow in the same shape as a fern? … what results will I find if I Google “is there joy on the internet?”

I love the sun and the sky and the clouds and the wind. As a child I would run fast down the steepest hill on windy day, arms outstretched pretending that I was flying. As an adult the airplane taught me to pay attention to the sky. It was important to notice incoming weather, to understand air pressure and the significance of the clouds.  Every gust of unseen wind could affect my life profoundly.

I love colours and shapes, and how light makes them look different.

I love the trees and the forests and the animals. When I studied biochemistry every tree, every blade of grass became a whole magical world in itself.

I’ve read hundreds of amazing books with amazing wonderful ideas and facts about the world. Do I really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said much more eloquently? Perhaps not. Still,   I want to write with gratitude for this amazing adventure that is life.

Creativity is endless.  Life is amazing. Your participation and ideas are welcome.

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