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Monday, August 20, 2007

“There is such a thing as being able to love again,” said the 90 year old bride as she married her 94 year old husband. August 17, 2007, in a lovely ceremony at Canterbury Court seniors lodge in Edmonton, Alberta, Aileen LeDrew and Ralph Arrison said, “I do.”

The couple had been spending time together for several years and cruised the Panama canal together earlier this year. Aileen’s eyesight is too weak to read so Ralph reads her the newspaper, historical non-fiction and Shakespeare. Aileen helps Ralph remember day-to-day tasks. They had considered living in sin but decided to honor tradition the way they were brought up.

 The wedding reception included champagne toasts, a bouquet toss, a belly dancer and a waltz by the newlywed couple. A honeymoon in Barbados is planned for this fall.

No one is likely to question their wisdom. Both partners were previously married for over fifty years. Together they have 116 years of marital experience.

Wedding Photos

Newlywed, Ralph Arrison had some good advice:

“You take as much happiness as you can at the present time,
whatever the situation is.”


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Comment by Distant Cousin

September 21, 2007 @ 11:33 am

Love really does drive life!

I went up to Canada in 1977 for a school band competition, my mother told me to call her cousin that lived in Edmonton. I had never met them before and they both picked me up and welcomed me to Edmonton.

I found a treasure of family I did not know about it because of the physical distance between families. Both Ralph and Mollie was absolutely fascinating and wonderful people, this was especially surprising to a young 14 year old trying to find my own identity. I could see that they enjoyed family, life and adventure. Thanks mom for making me call them.

I was sadden to hear that Mollie passed away but tickled to see the news of Ralph’s new marriage. I wish them much happiness with their lives together.

You go kids!

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